Helping You With Your Online Business

Website Redesign

Over the last year, Valentine Media has been busy with numerous web and graphic design projects for various local and national businesses and organizations. Throughout our spare time we have revamped the Valentine Media website, focusing on the services we offer and...

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Building Your Online Presence

What is an Online Presence An online presence is the total of all the identities you’ve created and the interactions that you have established, and participated in, online. When built successfully it can spread brand awareness and boost your fans, followers, leads,...

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Using Linked in to grow your B2B business

We all know that a lot of businesses utilize the connections made via social media. Most Business to Consumer (B2C) companies use sites like Facebook & Twitter. When you own a B2B business, your reach can be somewhat limited in your social media options. One of...

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Finding Your Online Niche Market

What ever online business direction you want to take, you need to find your online niche market. Starting an online business can be overwhelming to some people, but it becomes a lot easier when focused on one thing at a time. Know Your Audience To find your online...

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Finding Your Audience

Your audience is out there. Someone will always be willing to listen to you no matter what your opinions are or who you are, you just need to find them. First let's determine who your audience is. Who is your ideal customer? What is their age, gender or location? What...

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